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2005 - Our Beginnings

Our experience in this field dates back to 2005 at Grupo Colomer, one of the leading producers of leather for garments and footwear.

Colomer Group decided to invest in the development of machines for sheepskin dressing, with the primary goal of minimizing defects present in the raw skins from the raw material suppliers.

2011 - Sadurni Innovatec

Sadurni Innovatec was established in 2011 by Joan Sadurni.

Joan is an Electronics Engineer with over 25 years of experience in computer systems and the development of industrial machinery and automation.

He spent over 15 years working for Colomer Group and was involved in the development of machines for sheepskin dressing.

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2022 - Growth

From 2011 to 2022, Sadurni Innovatec expanded its presence in the Spanish and French markets.

At the same time, they improved their products based on the feedback received, leading to the conception of current machines: safe, ergonomic, and high-quality.

The achieved success was due to the high quality of the skins and hides obtained, providing the leather and skin producers with quality raw materials.

2023 - Consolidation

In 2023, a change in company leadership occurred for further expansion, consolidation, and organic growth.

Following the initial philosophy:

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