CHS/3 – Automatic Sheep Skinner

  • Machine for sheep skinning, based on servo motors that allow customization, can work from top to bottom or from bottom to top.
  • Adjustable up/down and rotation movements, allowing customization for maximum quality of the skin and carcasses.
  • The conical shape of the roller concentrates the effort on the central part of the skin to protect the sides and achieve higher quality.
  • The skin-holding clamps are fully integrated into the roller, providing greater safety and ergonomics.
  • 3 working modes according to the size of the sheep:
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • Working stroke of up to 1,700 mm
  • Intuitive operation and programming through a touch screen.
  • Occupies little space and operates silently.
  • Made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Option: Skinning Mode
    • Remove the skin from the bottom to top.
    • Remove the skin from top to bottom.
  • Option: Working Mode
    • Dynamic operation (without stops).
    • Static operation (with stops).
VoltageFrequency Power
400 V50/60 Hz7 kW
Sound Level< 70 dbA
Weight850 kg
ProductionUp to 500 sheep/hour
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